Since 2006, the Family Business and Office School® have been on a mission to train and provide valuable financial, investing and governance education to wealthy families, high net worth individuals and private investors in Latin America (LATAM) and Miami. We are pioneers in providing educational and networking opportunities to the founders, shareholders and next generation of family-owned businesses and private investors. We serve also family office managers, private bankers, wealth advisors, portfolio managers, attorneys, trustees, estate planning advisors, C-Suite, board members and Head Hunters.


We offer educational programs and workshops related to:


  • Private Wealth Management

  • Family and Corporate Governance

  • Private Equity and Capital Markets

  • Leadership

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • C-suite

  • E-Learning Programs click here


We conduct workshops and programs in Miami, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru. These sessions will be based on the best practices and trends identified by the Family Business and Office School® from our work with families and financial advisors both in Latin America and internationally.


Additionally, through a partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and IESE Business School, we now offer in Miami the Private Wealth Management LATAM, Family Governance, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions (include Private Equity), Leadership and C-Suite Programs. Please visit our PROGRAMS



Natalie Klein

Brazilian fashion entrepreneur, shareholder of Via Varejo and NK Stores

"Wharton Program in Miami provided a much broader view of what our assets are and an understanding of the need to diversify even more than we did before. Now I have a much better idea of how institutions and banks approach managing private wealth. I’m more prepared and I talk at a different level - I know what to ask."

Rafael Escalante

Director of Batis Corporation Family Office Services, Mexico City

“It’s difficult to get adequate executive education programs related to family office issues, and it’s even more difficult to find one that addresses the particular challenges of governance in Latin American family offices. Wharton’s Family Governance LATAM program delivered – it was great in terms of faculty, and I especially benefited from a full-day devoted to communication skills, where we explored the differences in communication styles and emotional intelligence.  I strongly recommend that module – it was very well executed.  Wharton’s partner in this program is the Family Business and Office School in Miami – which did a great job of putting a Latin American perspective into Wharton’s family governance program.”

Alexandra Kafie

Knowledge is Wealth, Honduras, operating in Central America & USA

"I highly recommend Private Wealth Management LATAM program in Miami to any and all family industries who want to learn how to protect and ensure their family’s wealth.”

Daniela Ramos

CEO of Ecuador-based AlcazarHold S.A., the family holding company and a third-generation family member, 2015 Participant, Wharton Family Governance LATAM and Private Wealth Management Programs

“Aside from the useful concepts and real-life examples provided in the course, the possibility of meeting people from all over the region who are facing similar issues is fantastic!  The networking itself pays for the course.  I would definitely recommend these programs to members of family groups and wealth managers like myself.”

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Corporate Governance Sept 2016 Miami
Corporate Governance Sept 2016 Miami

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Family Governance Miami August 2016
Family Governance Miami August 2016

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Corporate Governance Sept 2016 Miami
Corporate Governance Sept 2016 Miami

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