Women Leadership Program in Miami

Women Who Lead: A Program for Ambitious Senior Executives

Date: TBD 


Are you having as much impact on your business as you want? If you are not, what is holding you back? Too few tools for persuading and influencing or an incomplete awareness of your strengths and weaknesses or your executive presence is not strong or authentic enough?

In this 3-day custom-designed workshop, we work with women to pull down the barriers that prevent them from having the strong impact they want to have. Using a wide range of techniques—from individual assessments and hands-on learning workshops to panel discussions and interactive case conversations—we will help each woman identify and hone the skills she needs to chart a course for having greater impact and reaching her professional goals.


Our Philosophy


We follow an experiential learning model designed to help each woman meet her self-set goals. Our model include these four core elements:


- Individualized diagnostic feedback.

- Learning by doing.

- The wisdom of others.

- Personal reflection. 


Our Aims


Over the course of three days we intend to deepen and strengthen each woman’s impact skills by introducing practical tools for more effective communication, influence, and negotiation; hone confidence in these skills through practice; inspire each woman by sharing other women’s stories of challenge and success; and, ultimately, enable women to transform themselves and their businesses.